Author: Yanagisawa, T., Nihon Berum Co. Ltd., Tokyo, Japan
Co-Author(s): Shimohashi, H., Institute of BioQueen Co. Ltd., Tokyo, Japan
Iwasa, T., BRM Institute of Nihon Berum, Tokyo, Japan

NINEX | BRM EF-2001 Lactic Acid Bacteria

White blood cell nutrient source of "BRM" cure disease that comes to people, ability to maintain a healthy "immunity (natural healing force)". It is as common people have also already know this protagonist is a white blood cell. However, BRM called nutrient source of white blood cells or would not than who often do not know about (Biological Response Modifier = immunostimulatory substance). 

It is because there was little research about the nutrient source of white blood cells that are distributed throughout the body until this. BRM in a recent study it has been found that are contained in many foods, such as radish, cabbage, eggplant, seaweed, banana, watermelon, pineapple, etc.

These foods do not contain many vitamins, etc., from the nutrition knowledge of the past, and I think only food that does not feel the need to eat every day. However, what these food, I had included BRM many a nutrient source of white blood cells. Among them, lactic acid bacteria EF-2001 includes a lot of BRM, it is possible to take this, you can effectively and safely take the "white blood cells of nutrition." The 21st century is the century to eradicate the lifestyle-related diseases. This is the era of the diet that was thought the balance of immunity. It is important to take six major nutrients in a balanced manner. In addition to this, BRM food and by taking timely daily, maintaining the leukocytes are active in consideration of the immune balance, to prevent lifestyle diseases. This is becoming an important theme of the 21st century.


BRM component does not alter when heated

BRM components contained in vegetables, fruit, seaweed, lactic acid bacteria is almost broken without it in everyday cooking (frying, bake, fry-cook), BRM effect does not change. BRM components contained in the Company's lactic acid bacteria EF-2001 is similar, even in live bacteria, also those heat treatment does not change the effect. By heating rather, increased the power to enhance immunity, you will be able to take efficient BRM component. Further, in the case of lactic acid bacteria, live bacteria is not suitable for room temperature storage, conservation and safety increases greater by to dried cells by heating. By this, our lactic acid bacteria EF-2001 is also available available to any food. Without impairing the original flavor of the food are able to add lactic acid bacteria. For the Company to distinguish between viable, the lactic acid bacteria in which the process of enhancing the storage stability is referred to as a "BRM containing lactic acid bacteria EF-2001 (Patent and No. 3,151,442)", with the aim of differentiation.














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